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MY FIRST TIME: Confessions Of A Young Man

Her eyes glistened softly. She looked so happy. Were those tears of joy? Oh, her dazzling smile ! The mild makeup simply exploded her beauty; her smooth, dark (sorry chocolate) skin struck a sharp, yet lovely contrast with her white dress. The atmosphere felt soothingly heavy with romance. Love was in the air. Months of planning had finally led up to this one perfect moment- the moment she said ‘I do’ to my dear friend. And what a joy, I was right there on the scene to witness it all as the bestman. It was my first time.

Dear reader, when you saw the title of this post, what crossed your mind? Some randy tale of my escapades with one of the daughters of Eve? *laughing* Gotcha! Well, since you’re already here, you might as well read this to the end.

Looking at this title and the prankish angle I chose to approach this, many thoughts invade my mind.

I could look at this from the angle of recalling the first time I tried something interesting, daring or just plain fun (or what looked like fun). ‘The first time is the hardest’; that’s a statement I’ve come to believe from both personal experiences and observing the lives of others. Be it good or bad, that statement holds true in most cases- once you’ve done it the first time, it gets a bit easier … and easier…till it becomes normal. So whatever you want to do (good I hope!), just do it the first time- imperfect as it may be, just go ahead and do it already. It gets better the next time around.

I could also choose to talk about the dangers of passing judgement before we get the full story. The dangers of stereotyping and trying too hard to ‘read the other person’. You probably had a few ideas already brewing in your mental space. ‘My first time’ could mean anything. What did you assume? And why?

How about I choose to talk about how being so up close with the couple as they exchanged their vows gave me a new understanding of marriage’s  spiritual dimensions. Those words carry more weight than most of us have ever bothered to think about. Beyond the fancy dresses and toe-curling words, there’s an interplay beyond the surface. That’s why I believe that disrespect for and abuse of the institution of marriage is a direct, blatant insult to God. That covenant is deep.

Or should I delve into the mild ‘incidents’ that always occur in the days leading up to such events and the plenty prophecies of ‘you’re next’ that bathed my ears that beautiful Saturday?    Oh my….

So many thoughts, so many angles. All from my first time.