Age With Grace

Three weeks ago, I turned 30.

That’s right, it’s taken that long to come to terms with my new age well enough to actually write about it. I remember being a 12-year old not so long ago; when we lived for the Saturday football games in our concrete stadium which saw too many bruised knees and a chipped incisor. Being 30 felt aeons away. It wasn’t even remotely considered to be a real age. But now it’s here. I’m here.

I could tell you I feel nothing like it (whatever that feeling is) but you’d probably think im just consoling myself.

Guy, you don dey old was a subtle refrain undergirding what turned out to be my busiest birthday yet (left the office at 10pm… I know, I know, I know- what kind of person works that late on their birthday, the big 3-0?!).

Guy, you don dey old.

Like most jokes, its truth dressed in humor. I don’t feel old but I am reminded that indeed, the days are going by. The dreamy eyed kids have become men and there’s no second to waste. The illusion of youth is past and I must embrace it.

As much as I hate the phrase, I guess I have to accept it- I must age with grace.


2 thoughts on “Age With Grace”

  1. Hmmmmm….. Ageing is inevitable…. Its a reality we must acept no matter how harsh it sounds and use to our advantage.

    Truly my brother…. We don dey old dey go.
    Hehehehe nothing do us jare…. We will certainly age with grace….. And elegance.

    Keep d flag flying sir.

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