‘Wetin Life Dey Talk’

Recently, I had a conversation with my uncle. We talked about a few subjects then we got into careers and work life. I shared a long-held (though not so public) personal opinion that the service years of ‘government workers’ should be slashed from the present 35 years down to 25 years after which they should compulsorily retire. This, I opined, will create room for younger people to get into the workforce while at the same time forcing many civil servants to be more conscious of how they spent their resources during their working days. In my mind, having a shorter time to spend there should ‘quicken’ their minds on how to quickly establish viable (and legal!) alternative income streams.

My uncle countered (as expected). According to him, those 35 years are actually like a flash in the pan (since I’m not up to 35, labeling my entire life a ‘flash’ sounded rather strange…must be a really l-o-n-g flash). “Before you think of settling down and training your children, over half of the time is already gone, and before you think of building a house, you’ve spent almost 30 something years in service”, he stated emphatically.

Well, one thing I’ve learned from experience is the futility of a younger person trying to change the perspective of an older person from a different generation. So I simply smiled and skillfully wrapped up the conversation. As I walked away, he looked at me, smiled back and said those all too familiar words “well, the reason you are talking like this is because you are still quite young. You never know wetin life dey talk” he concluded.


wetin life dey talk”… I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase too. When someone shares a lofty dream, a grand idea or a thought that sounds so far from present realities, he or she is usually greeted with a pitiable shake of the head, a patronizing smile and the punch line, “make una leave am, e never know wetin life dey talk”

But. Dear reader, let’s examine this together. What is life really saying? Does it have a secret message that only pessimists seem to understand? How come those who envision innovative ideas are usually labeled naïve? Could there be something about life’s message that we haven’t understood. What is ‘life’ r-e-a-l-l-y saying?

To answer that, I think it’s a smart move to ask the One who designed it. He knows the secret codes of this program we’re all running called life. Did the designer say life is hard? Or have we taken our experiences as the only reality? Dear reader, I’ve checked through the designer’s manual and guess what? He didn’t promise us a hard life. He set down certain guiding principles and guaranteed that if we’d be ‘stupid’ enough to follow those principles, our lives would work so efficiently it’d seem like we’re living on a different planet.

Do you know the designer’s principles? Have you discovered how he really programmed life to run? What are the guiding principles of YOUR life?

Today dear reader, I challenge you to dare to be odd, dare to be different. I challenge you to question popular belief systems and see if they correspond with the designer’s blueprint. Dare to go against popular opinion. Whoever said “the voice of the people is the voice of God” must have got it mixed up somewhere because if ‘the people’ were speaking God’s mind, we’d be in heaven on earth already! The voice of the people is NOT the voice of God.

I’d like to challenge you to do something- in your mind, picture your life as a strange-looking machine, something you’ve never seen before. Walk around it, examine its’ weird buttons, feel its’ strange exterior. As you do this, ask yourself “how is THIS thing supposed to work?”. Then get into the word with that question in your heart and I can guarantee that what you find will absolutely blow your mind! Forget what anyone else says, forget their experiences and ‘stories’ if it doesn’t match up with the manual’s contents. The world you’ve experienced is not the only world that exists. There’s a better world- it’s the designer’s world. Find it. Get in.

Life is beautiful on the designer’s side- care to join me?


Fine Boy



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